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Today is the 7 of Heshvan 5775

14th of Sivan
Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin
Talmudist and ethicist. Student of The Vilna Gaon.
17th of Sivan
Rabbi Aharon of Karlin II
Chassidic leader. Grandson of Rabbi Aharon of Karlin I.
18th of Sivan
Rabbi Yisachar Dov Ber of Radoshitz
Chassidic leader, student of the Chozeh of Lublin.
19th of Sivan
Rabbi Yehudah Ibn Atar
Head rabbi of the Jewish community in Fez,Morocco. Kabbalist
25th of Sivan
Rabbi Yishmael (Ben Elisha) Kohen Gadol
Rabbi Yishmael was the Kohen Gadol (high priest) at the end of the Second Temple period, and one of the Asara Harugei Malchut(Ten Martyrs).
25th of Sivan
The Tana Raban Shimon Ben Gamliel
Served as the Nassi (president) of Israel in the period following the destruction of the Second Temple. He was the first of the 'Asara Harugei Malchut' (Ten Martyrs) executed.
25th of Sivan
Rabbi Chanina Segan HaKohanim
Tanna - first generation. He was the deputy Kohen Gadol(high priest) at the end of the Second Temple period.
26th of Sivan
The Tana Yonatan Ben Uziel
A major desciple of Hillel. Translated the Torah and Prophets into Arameic.
27th of Sivan
The Tana Rabbi Chanina Ben Teradion
Rabbi Chanina was a third generation Tana. He was one of the Ten Martyrs (Asarah Harugei Malchut).
14th of Tammuz
Rabbi Yosef of Trani
Posek (ordained-judge), Talmudist, and head rabbi of Kushta (Turkey).
15th of Tammuz
Rabbi Chaim ben Atar
Torah commentator, kabbalist, talmudist. His book 'Ohr HaChaim' is a famous commentary on the Torah.
16th of Tammuz
Chur ben Miriam
Chur was the son of Miriam the Prophetess and Kalev.
20th of Tammuz
Rabbi Natan Neta Hanover
talmudist, darshan, kabbalist.
21st of Tammuz
Rabbi Eliyahu Baal Shem
Kabbalist, leader of the Nistarim.
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