Naso – Light and Vessel

On the surface Parashat Naso, looks like another boring story of counting and sacrifices but the Zohar gives this parasha a special value when the part of the Zohar that describe the great revelation of Torah Secrets, the Idra Rabba, is inserted inside the Zohar part of Naso. Why the Idra Rabba is “hidden” in … Continue reading “Naso – Light and Vessel”

Behalotcha -Do we have five or seven books in the Chumash?

A strange question but in this parasha we have a unique situation. Somewhere in the middle of the parasha we have two verses between two unique letters. We have large, regular and small letters in the Torah. We have the broken letter Vav in parashat Pinchas but the two nuns “ “turned 180 degrees with … Continue reading “Behalotcha -Do we have five or seven books in the Chumash?”