In Zohar Naso we have the Idra Raba. In the beginning of the Idra rabba we read that Rabbi Shimon sat down and cried. There are many places in the Zohar that tell us about his cries. Rabbi Shimon was a Tana (a spiritual leader that is able to control nature and resurrect from the dead).

Then why does he cry?

Crying is one of the highest spiritual connections. It relates to the level of Chokmah, where pure light exists. Touching it directly can turn the connection to negative. It is the left column, the essence of desire. The light of Chokmah broke the original vessels and embedded the desire and formed the vessels as we know them now. I can\’t go into deeper explanation, because it is not the subject I want to reveal in this article, just for you to understand that the universe is inside a circle of e xisten ce. (The secret of Pi (3.1459…), Binah is the ream and chokmah is connected to the Ein Sof (the endless, àéï ).

When a person cries in the process of connecting to the Light of the Creator he may reach the level of Chokmah. That is why it is said that the gates of tears are never closed.

Many can cry in their prayers, but it relates to their physical pain or for something that they are missing. Very few, if any, can break through the spiritual curtains with their tears.
Selfish reasons attach gravity to the spiritual tears and they cannot ascend to open the supernal gates of the endless to draw light to fulfill the vessel.

There is a way to reach the endless and draw everything that we need. The way is described in the parasha of Naso and is demonstrated by Rabbi Shimon and his students in the Idra Rabba.
We read in Naso that the heads of the 12 tribes brought offerings to the altar in the Tabernacle. Immediately after that Moses came into the Tab ernacl e and he could hear the voice speaking to him from above the Ark cover.

We see that the Torah relates to both events together. These 12 offerings activated of the Ark. One important thing to know is that all 12 offerings were exactly the same. The learning here is unity of the whole system.

In the Zohar, Rabbi Shimon sat and cried, gathered his students close to him and announced them that "All depends on love". They were all in total unity and were able to create the vessel for Rabbi Shimon to draw the Light of the deeper secrets of the Spiritual system. Their connection was so high that they could hear angels around them and when Rabbi Shimon started talking and revealing the secrets the whole place shook.

We should include a wish in our prayers for the gathering of all 12 tribes in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Squeeze an honest tear or two to re-activate the flow of the Light of the Creator and remove all darkness form this world, Today Amen.

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