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The title of this article is "What is the wrath of G-d?". It is a serious question that most believers and non-believers in G-d thought about more than one time.


G-d is described as merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in goodness and truth. In other places G-d shows "Anger" and wishes to kill or destroy the nation.


G-d created and gave us this world "To Make" (Genesis 2:3). We can make whatever we want with it. The "Space" is the building material. With our words we gather the energy to produce what we want.

When we use words that go against the natural system, we corrupt the space and negativity erupts.

This is what happened when Korach and his group came to complain to Moshe for selfish reasons.


The space was corrupted and the light force that holds everything together had to clear the corruption. In Numbers 16:21 G-d (YHVH aka "The Space") notifies Moshe that the effect is about to happen and asks him and Aharon to separate themselves from the others so nothing will happen to them.

Wait a minute… Can\’t G-d "Punish" the "sinners" and keep Moshe and Aharon safe?


The answer is simple. The negativity had corrupted the space and a cleansing process was about to take place. Whoever was found in the space where negativity occurred could get affected by the cleansing process.


We learn how important it is to choose the right environment from that example. If we come across negativity and we can not stop it before it affects the space then we should separate ourselves from that space as soon as possible.


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