Chukat – Watch it!

And Moses made a serpent of brass, and set it upon the pole; and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he looked unto the serpent of brass, he lived.

Please close your eyes for a moment and tell me what you see…

No, I am not stupid; I know that you can\’t see any object if your eyes are closed. Now I want you to close your eyes again and IMAGINE something….

Did you see anything? Obviously you can and without any limitations. You can fly over mountain tops, build castles and ride a unicorn in the sky.

Did you imagine important events from your past?

Is it imagination or a "Real" thing? Soon you will "see" that imagination is real.

How do we see?

(The paragraph below is a short segment from an article By: Diane M. Szaflarski, Ph.D. , The National Health Museum,

Vision is a process that requires several components of the human eye and brain to work together. The first step of this amazing sense is happening in the retina of the eye. The photoreceptor neurons in the retina collect the light and send signals to a network of neurons that then generate electrical impulses that go to the brain. The brain then processes those impulses and gives information about what we are seeing. In this unit we will investigate the initial steps in the process of vision. We will discover how the photoreceptors work, and will specifically examine at the photoreceptor proteins to learn how light energy is converted into electrical energy. Additionally, we will examine some of the current studies that are helping to further our understanding of the proteins involved in the vision process.

(Bold text by me)

(Numbers 21:9)
 וַיַּעַשׂ מֹשֶׁה נְחַשׁ נְחֹשֶׁת, וַיְשִׂמֵהוּ עַל-הַנֵּס; וְהָיָה, אִם-נָשַׁךְ הַנָּחָשׁ אֶת-אִישׁ–וְהִבִּיט אֶל-נְחַשׁ הַנְּחֹשֶׁת, וָחָי.
And Moses made a serpent of brass, and set it upon the pole; and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he looked unto the serpent of brass, he lived.

To understand the Torah we get help from the scientists.
We read earlier that the process of vision is a transformation of light into electrical pulses that hit the brain. The brain "processes" the information and generates an image (that\’s the process of IMAGINATION).

Each time we see something, our brain gets "electrocuted". This process is a connection to the level of Chokmah (Wisdom, right brain). Here, the light is pushed in and activated the process of Binah (Understanding, left brain). When the two are connected we experience the energy level of Da\’at (Knowledge, Brain Stem and spinal cord). The later is responsible to carry the message for the whole body.

Now, what is the connection to the verse above?
The healing system that G-d instructed Moses to create was totally dependent on eye sight.

We learn from this that our eyes are powerful tools that can draw specific energy and it can affect our material being. In the wilderness, all they needed was to look at the copper snake to be healed. The light that was reflected from the copper snake generated brain waves that activated a force of healing.

All of us have experienced how a short look can make a small or huge change in the body. You can throw up from looking at something "disgusting" or your stomach can growl when you see a food that you love.
The heart starts beating faster to the sight of something exciting. People get a heart attack from a short look of a scary figure. People jump out of their sick bed upon a visit of a loved one. You can take it farther and farther to realize how powerful this principal is.

You can create a totally new life just by proper use of your eyes and brain. If you can\’t go to the beach to experience the calmness of the water, close your eyes and take yourself there. The process is as powerful as actually going to the sea.

As a proof, just think about an exciting event in the past, close your eyes and try to re-live the moment. As you build the scene in your mind you can start feeling the same thing you experienced at that event in the past. (Please re-live positive events, the bad ones are easy to come and re-experience).

It is all in the brain. Positive thinking is taught by many teachers to achieve success in life.
I will add that, in order to manifest your desire for good health, sustenance and relationships, you need to build a vivid picture in your mind to activate the process of material manifestation.
Avoid all kind of negative sight, build positive imagery in your mind of what you want to achieve and the power of G-d inside of you will materialize in "the space" around you.

So from now on, you need to "Watch it!"

5 thoughts on “Chukat – Watch it!”

  1. I am not able to visualize anything when I close my eyes. It is impossible for me to do meditation that uses visualization. I believe that my third eye is closed. How do I open it ?

    Love and Light

  2. Dear Gwen, You can visualize whatever you want. All you need is to relax your body in order to disconnect from physical ‘disturbance’. You can do it by forcing a paced and controlled breathing. You can find on line a lot of related information but I recommend Yoga techniques for controlling the physical body and kabbalah tools for the spiritual aspect and connection.
    Once you have the body in control and in calm state you can go to the next step of calming down your thoughts. try to get to a point that you don’t have thoughts ‘running’ in your mind. It is almost impossible but try to get to it as much as you can. (don’t fight the thoughts that flows in your mind). After many sessions you could achieve easy access to the quiet point in your mind where you are closer to the inner parts of your soul.
    Meditate on the image of the YHVH name as below to get you closer to your soul and add cleansing aspect.
    In time you will be able to communicate with your soul and receive guidance in your life. BUT BUT BUT always remember that the some of the messages that you may receive could come from negative side until you are really pure and tuned with your soul.
    YHVH Name of Yirah (Awe)
    Print and keep this sacred name in purity. Keep inside a Zohar book or purse/wallet but never dispose.
    You may save it as image on your smart phone and bring it up when meditating.

  3. Shalom Gwen,
    please allow me to give a tip for a a good technique to slow down before meditation.
    It is “breathing through the belly”:

    – lay down on your back, be maximum comfortable you can
    – breath in by nose, bulging the belly
    – breath out by mouth, shrinking the belly

    Repeat this exercise few times, till you feel calm enough.
    Please do not be upset if you fall asleep, it happens in first times. As time goes by, yourself will be trained to stay awake during the exercise, and calm enough to “vizualize whatever you want”, as Zion said.

    Good meditation!

  4. I am keeping G-D’S sacred name in my phone, good idea Zion
    Blessings for your family and you,

  5. Dear Zion,
    At the hermitage, it was purely living for God and constant communication with him. It was there that many secrets were directly revealed to me by Him about who He Is, about creation and about the true nature of man. One thing I am mandated to do is to help unite all in Him by writting a book about some revelations. Because He said that once this unity happens then will come the promised Kingdom.

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