Acharei Mot – Who and what is the scapegoat?

Who and what is the scapegoat?

I had a very busy week studying Tazria and Metzora deeper (The previous Parashot) and writing about cancer. With all the preparation for Pesach, I didn\’t have much time to dwell on Acharei Mot and get some new insights.
When in stress I take the Tikunei HaZohar volume, hold it between my hands and make a wish. Today I asked for guidance on what to write on this parasha.

I carefully opened the book and at the top of the column I read


It translates to; (My comments in parenthesis)

The Satan, which is SA\’M\’AEL (the energy that controls all negativity.). His government (control) is in the liver, and about it said in (Genesis 36:1) Esau, is Edom. The liver takes off dirt and sins (impurities) from the arteries. This is the meaning of the verse "and the goat carried all their sins on himself to land that was cut off (decreed), a place of angels.


The amazing thing is that this paragraph from the Zohar relates to a verse from this week\’s parasha and also to the subject I started last week (Cancer, causes and cure. See articles on

There are three major organs that control the body. Their abbreviation is "מלך", "King". "מוח", "לב", "כבד". Brain, Heart, Liver.

Brain is the higher level and relates to the higher three sefirot (Keter, Chokmah and Binah). Keter is the entry point to the brain (soft Spot), Chkmah and Binah are the two parts of the brain. The soul level is "Neshama".

Heart is in the middle and relates to Zeir Anpin (Six sefirot of Chessed to Yesod) and soul level of Ruach.

Liver is the lower, relates to Malchut and the soul level of Nefesh.

In the world of Malchut, we have a king inside of us.

If one of those doesn\’t function, then we lose our kingdom (Malchut).

Whatever comes to our mind affects our heart and circulates in the blood. The blood carries the basic level of the soul that keeps us alive.

The high priest takes the two goats and by drawing he picks one of them for offering to G-d, which is elevation and the other one will be sent to the wilderness. The drawing is made to indicate that both goats are initially equal.


Lev. 17:11 says "For the life of the flesh is in the blood; and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood that make atonement by reason of the life."

Our thoughts (brain) turn to actions (Heart and blood circulation). The liver (malchut) processes it all and sends the blood back to the body. If we don\’t correct impurities that we brought on ourselves, it will manifest from the soul level to the physical level. The blood is the mirror of the soul. Keep your soul clean.

Remember! We are the "King" of our body. Whatever we do with it affects our soul and reflects in our body. There is the external body language and there is the internal body language and it is written in the DNA. In Yom Kippur we read from this parasha to draw the energy to restore our DNA to normal.

Don\’t be a scapegoat. Wear your crown and rein over your kingdom. Watch your DNA!

I will refer to these chapters again in my articles about Cancer – causes and cure.


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