(Leviticus 2:13) Season all your grain offerings with salt. Do not leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings; add salt to all your offerings.

G-d created an amazing spiritual system for us. The law that governs this system is cause and effect and it is established this way so that we can create and achieve whatever we set our mind to. (See articles Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 on RabbiShimon.com to understand the reason and cause of creation)

The system presents us with challenges along the way to accomplish our goals. We can never enjoy success if we don’t overcome the obstacles. Even if you are the fastest runner in the world, you will not be satisfied until you compete and win other top runners.

The ultimate challenge is the winning over your SELF. ‘Your’ is your soul and ‘SELF’ is your body. It has its own consciousness and desires and even if the soul governs the body, the body dictates what, when and how to do everything.

The body gravity is so strong that it contaminates the pure soul. The soul (part of the divine) gets into the body with mercy. It is a gradual process that starts in the dark, in the protection of the womb. When the process of bonding the soul with the body gets completed, they start their process in life.

The soul comes from the divine and the body that created in the level of Malchut, comes from physicality. They don’t really like each other and the first opportunity that the body gets damaged, the soul is happy to leave it. The soul needs the cleansing to continue to stay with the body.

Now what is the connection between this and Vayikra?

We were given the system and the Torah as a guide to use it. The Tabernacle was provided as a tool to draw the light of G-d and sustain existence.  G-d wants to leave us alone so we can enjoy the freedom to work and achieve our goals by ourselves. Since there are and will be challenges, we are at the risk of hurting ourselves, and especially our souls.

In Vayikra G-d provides us the technologies to purify our souls from contamination through the Priests and the Levites.

The process involves slaughtering of animals, splashing and pouring their blood against the Holy Altar and salting and burning them.

How does this purify us from negativity?

The animal is a living creature that we own and bring to the priest to transform its body (physical) to spiritual. The blood is the carrier of the soul and when it separates from the body of the animal the soul ascends up (spiritually).  The salt is a substance that has the highest desire of the self and it draws the blood into it. Salt “מלח” in Hebrew has the numerical value of 78, which is 3 times 26 (3 is for the three spiritual columns (right left and center), 26 = the value of the Tetragramaton). The Altar, “מזבח” has the value of 57 (זן) and (אוכל), both words are 135 + 2 for the Kolel(adding 1 for each word) = 137, which is “קבלה”, Kabbalah.

This process creates the channel and opportunity for the light of the creator to be revealed. This light cleanses the person or the people that connect to this specific offering.

What is Kabbalah?

You may know the word and you may know the Hebrew meaning of it, but what it really means is a port to connect to the upper dimensions and to the Light of the Creator.

This port of “קבלה” is concealed in the Bible under the word “מצבה” “Pillar”, they both have the same numerical value.

Read Genesis 28:17,18, Genesis 31:13,  Deuteronomy 16:17,  Exodus 24:4 and Hosea 3:4 for some examples that help us understand the connection of “מַצֵּבָה” (קבלה) as a portal to connect to the light.

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, created the books of the Zohar immediately after the destruction of the second Temple. It is the main writing of Kabbalah and it gives us the opportunity to connect to a light that was not available since the times of the Holy Temple.

Own the Zohar and recommend it to others. Bring people to subscribe to this list of Torah and Kabbalah insights.

When we are connected to the port of Kabbalah, our soul is cleansed. We are then able to channel and reveal more light in the world. This is the way of the kabbalists. Be one.

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