The Zohar opens with "תצוה ואתה" to help us make a connection between Zeir Anpin "ו" (the upper level) and Malchut "אתה" (our level).

The 8 garments of Kohen Gadol (Aharon) and 4 garments of simple Kohen are significant in their work of the Kohen to draw the Light to this world. Total number of garments is 12, which is very significant. The breast plate also has 12 stones. 12 permutations of the "יקוק", 12 tribes, 12 months and 12 signs of the Zodiac. The Tabernacle was initiated on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, which is the first month of the year.
G-d instructs Moshe to teach Aharon and his sons all that they need to know to serve and draw the light and remove any negativity or impurity from the Israelites. G-d also warns the Kohen to follow the rules exactly or he will die. The description of the Kohen clothing includes little bells that the Kohen should have while serving in the Holy.

The Kohen\’s work was actually for us. He used to put himself in great risk going into the Holy of Holies to draw the light for us and for the whole world. If the Kohen didn\’t do his work correctly then he would die in the Holy of Holies.

When the Kohen went into the Holy, he had to focus his consciousness in the action to draw the light to the world. This had to be on pure spiritual form because if his body created limitation and if for one split second he thought of him self then the great energy of the Light would burn them. We know that before the destruction of the temples, the Kohanim would die almost every year.

 The Jewish people need to be "ממלכת־כהנים־וגוי־קדוש", “A nation of priests and holy nation”. Our duty is to be pure and serve as a channel for the whole world. (That is why jews are spread all over the world.).

The Torah tells us about the Cities of refuge. If someone killed another person by accident, they used to go to those refuge cities. They can leave the city only after the Kohen died. The reason for this is that if the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) did his work perfectly then all the negativity would be removed and there would be no openings to have "accidents".

This process also teaches about the importance of consciousness while doing a Mitzvah. We all know that if a man says a blessing and meditate for the others and they say Amen then it is like they did it themselves. Our work in this world is to do for others, from the High Priest to every one of us. "מצ־וה" is a connection to the light. The "מצ" in אתבש (gimatria method) makes "יה"  and together it forms the name of G-d.

The Zohar describes the affect of doing the spiritual work to bring our souls to a higher level and warns us with the harms of anger. Anger causes the good parts of our souls to leave our body and immediately get by impurity and negative entities. We loose everything that we have earned to that point and it takes us a much greater work to regain what we already had. The Zohar calls this situation "עבודה־לאל־זר", work (worship) another G-d. When our pure soul leaves, another negative soul enters and from that moment on we start serving that negative soul. This is the reason that after getting angry we feel emptiness. Even if we find a good reason to get angry on someone and "give it to him", we can never enjoy that "victory" over the other person.
Anger is fire and it burns. In another palce The Zohar says that being angry on Shabbat, is a great " חלול־שבת", desecration of Shabbat.

When a righteous person is angry, it is good because his anger is for the sake of Torah and in order to help the other person. As it says "The Torah is Fire". A righteous person never "looses himself in anger", he always thinks in the ways of Torah and for the others. 


  3 Responses to “Tezaveh – Blood on the clothings of the High Priest”


    Dear Zion,

    In the text: “… When our pure soul leaves, another negative soul enters and from that moment on we start serving that negative soul…” what means “another negative soul”?

    Thank you!

    William Gomes


    The body is our vessel. It is a vehicle for the soul to move in this world and do positive actions. Anger and other negative actions weakens the hold of the soul in the body and allow other negative entities to come it and control us.
    It’s a serious situation because when the anger controls the body all the positive we accumulated is released from the body. that is why we feel drained of energy after anger situation. It that happens then we need to calm ourselves and connect to the light to quickly replenish the light we lost, otherwise we let the void inide grows to a point that it’s hard to turn back.


    Thank you very much Zion!

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