Mishpatim – Reincarnation

Mishpatim – 5767 – Reincarnation


The Zohar opens this parasha with Rabbi Shimon saying ", הַמִּשְׁפָּטִים וְאֵלֶּה", "Now these are the ordinances which you shall set before them", These are the laws of reincarnation. The laws for the souls coming back to this world, according to the judgment they had received based on their prior life actions.

When the Torah says "חִנָּם יֵצֵא לַחָפְשִׁי וּבַשְּׁבִעִת יַעֲבֹד שָׁנִים שֵׁשׁ עִבְרִי עֶבֶד תִקְנֶה כִּי" , If thou buy a Hebrew servant, six years he shall serve; and in the seventh he shall go out free for nothing.", This reveals some of the secrets of reincarnation. The soul returns to the world because of its sins, or because it didn\’t complete Torah and Mitzvoth in its life. By those laws, the soul is forced to come back dressed in a physical body. That is the meaning of the word Re-In-Carnation, which means renewal in the flesh. The Hebrew word is "גלגול", Gilgul, that comes from cycle, and in Kabbalah it relates to the wheels of the souls.

So the soul gets to be reborn in a new body and a new time of birth (Hebrew Month=different Mazal, different work) to complete its mission and process in life during the 70 years of life.

The six years in the parasha refers to the six sefirot of Zeir Anpin (Chessed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod). If the soul is from the side of the Shechinah, which is the seventh, then it says "חִנָּם לַחָפְשִׁי יֵצֵא" .

A tzadik that has earned a soul from Malchut of Atzilut has no work. Like the aspect of Shabbat, which has no work and no slavery.


Parashat Mishpatim comes immediately after Yitro, with the Ten Commandments, (the correct translation is "Ten Utterances") that teaches us the laws of life and gives us the Torah as a guide to go through life following the way of G-d with 613 "items" in this guide. 248 DOs and 365 DON\’Ts.

Yitro, Numerical Value 616= HaTorah, merited to have a parasha with the Ten Commandment on his name because he converted. The Zohar says that because Yitro, "Heard" and broke his heart ("Lev Nishbar"), he disconnected from all idols and revealed a great light.  Moshe, learned and listened to his advice.

The Ari Ha\’Kadosh explains that Yitro is a reincarnation of Kayin and Moshe of Hevel.  Yitro fulfilled his mission in life by transforming himself from being a master of idols and switching from negative side to positive.
Kayin killed Hevel because he was jealous that Hevel was born with two wives.

When Yitro came to Moshe, he said "Ani Chotencha Yitro", The Ari points to the Abbreviation Alef Chet and Yod, which is spelled as ACHI (My brother in Hebrew) and he adds, "I brought your wife and her children with me". This is how he corrected his sin.

We must remember that it is almost impossible for a person to fulfill all 613 mitzvoth in one life time. A simple example is mitzvoth of the Kohen,Yibum, Redemption of the first born and many similar. Each Mitzvah creates a different connection to the creator. A soul needs to go through several life times to cleanse its sins and remove "Bread of Shame", "Nahama D\’chsufa".


Parashat Mishpatim gives us the secrets of the Gilgul and ability to have the power to go through our Gilgulim with success and correct as much as we can in this.

The Ari said that if a person did not follow his Tikkun (corrections),it is as if he didn\’t live his life. Rabbi Ashlag, Baal Hasulam, said that to find out your Tikkun, you need to look where it is hard, where you feel uncomfortable, then work on it until it is resolved. For example; if a person has problem with neighbors, he needs to get to a point to make peace and friendship with neighbors, otherwise no matter where he goes, the similar problems until he corrects it.


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