The divine letters behind the word " בְּרֵאשִׁית" are "אבגיתץ". The first word means "In the beginning" and the second has the energy of unconditional love.
I commented on this in several of my commentaries to the Torah. This week we start reading the Torah from the beginning. The truth is that we are not repeating the Torah because it is the channel of the Light to this world and as such year 5769 is different from 5768. The Torah reveals new and different light.
When I read the beginning again today I understand new things. It is not the same Torah, the light is different and unique for this year.
This year the story of creation tells me a similar story but with different focus. The first Mitzvah is "Be fruitful and multiply". What does it mean in the global level?
The book of Genesis is related to the level of Keter. (Exodus = Chokmah, Leviticus=Binah, Numbers=Zeir Anpin and Deuteronomy=Malchut).  There are 613 Mitzvoth in the Torah that are observed by Jews and seven by noahides. Together they count to 620. As we know 620 is the value of the word Keter, which is the seed level of creation, the cause of everything.


"מצוה" (Mitzvah, precepts) translates to the Tetragramaton when we convert the first two letters to their At-Bash value, מצ in את־בש gives יה. When we unify all together as one in front of the creator we can connect to Keter.
In my commentary to Behar ( we found out that your neighbor is your brother. Love him even if he is not going to the same house of worship nor has a different name or symbol on his door.
The first day of creation is described as "יוֹם אֶחָד" (day one). One in Hebrew has the same numerical value of "אהבה", Love. It is not called "First day" but day ONE for the oneness and completion in it. The cause and thought of creation was reflected on the first day and it was Love (unconditional love).
Keter is the power behind the Aleph of "אבגיתץ". This is the force that pours love to us and sustains us. Looking at this simple equation (613 +7 = 620) we learn only one thing. UNITY. LOVE (Unconditional Love).
Let\’s start again and this time remember that our future depends on love among all, unconditionally.

I love you all (unconditionally)


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