Shemini – I\’m nearly in tears….

Mashiach sent me an email.

Yes. Mashiach sent me an email last week. He attached his book of over 1054 pages describing what Mashiach is, the process, his life story (some of it), Lots of Gematria calculations of his name and his family. In the book he presents proof that he is the “irrefutable” Mashiach.

I\’m nearly in tears…

Mashiach sent me an email.

Yes. Mashiach sent me an email last week. He attached his book of over 1054 pages describing what Mashiach is, the process, his life story (some of it), Lots of Gematria calculations of his name and his family. In the book he presents proof that he is the “irrefutable” Mashiach. He wanted Ezra, my friend and me, to work with him to be the "King Mashiach".

I started reading his book seriously but after a couple of hundred pages I found myself jumping through the pages, all the way to the end. It was loaded with gematria “proofs” that he is the King Mashiach.

He is actually on the same mailing list as you and he receives my articles and reads them (maybe with different mind set). Hopefully this article can also be an answer to his e-mail.

His book made me happy and at the same time sad. I am happy, because I know of three more people who claimed to be Mashiach.  None of them convinced me to be the real one, but who am I to judge?
The happiness I feel is in the fact that every such person that comes forward as Mashiach signifies how close we are to the Final Redemption. Many of us believe that Mashiach is already among us.

The way I see is like a morning break. You can see the light of the Sun before it rises over the horizon. Some people have great desire to connect to the Light of the Creator. This desire is so strong that they can’t even wait for “the call” and are ready to go for it right now.

I feel sad when I can’t see the real Mashiach in them. They all have great souls (=vessel=desire). Most of them are defined as “Crazy” by their friends. Remember that “Crazy” is a quality and a gift that G-d gave us to do more.

Our sages tell us that King David, in blessed memory, asked G-d why he made “craziness” in the world. G-d told him that it is a quality that the world needs to have and promised him that one day he will thank him for that. Indeed, we know the story about Achish from the Bible, the King of Gat whose people caught King David and when they wanted to bring him to the King, King David acted like a crazy person and the king of Gat released him. (Read the full story in Samuel 1 Chapter 20). Please remember that Mashiach is from the seed of David.

Mashiach comes with the power of the Creator to redeem us. Moses went to Pharaoh’s palace to demand “Let my people go!” How come mighty Pharaoh didn’t tell his guards: “How dare you let this man come to me, take this “Basket Case” and throw to the Nile! And no basket this time…”

We realize here that there are greater powers involved with the process of redemption. Once it starts, it is unstoppable.

When Mashiach comes he will have no fear, no dependency of any kind. He posses the power of Creation in his mouth. His words will create new reality and whoever will object him may die just by the vapor blowing out of his mouth.

The person to be Mashiach may not know his job until the moment G-d (through Moses) will connect his soul to the soul of Mashiach.
The redemption process is described as the Exodus from Egypt but with greater miracles and wonders.
The Baal Shem Tov whose first name was Israel, awakened the souls of the Israelites to the spirit of Mashiach. He “tuned” his disciples, especially his close students to make a paradigm shift in the mind of the Jewish people. Like Moses in his time The Baal Shem Tov couldn’t enter the Land of Israel, because his great soul could have brought the Light of Mashiach before time.
(We are getting closer to the connection to the parasha of this week, Shemini).
We cannot ridicule any one that claims to be Mashiach. They are the Nadav and Avihu of the process. Their desire to do for the Light is beyond their self social preservation. If they do not have hidden selfish agenda then they are at the level of righteousness.

Remember that before the Red Sea split, one person needed to go into the water, with his certainty and selfless act in order to create the opening for the others. That was Nachshon Ben Aminadav and now we have some others that help us believe that there is a real Mashiach and he is close to reveal himself.

To connect to that light we need to express the love and care for each other, because this is the only force that can guarantee the coming of Mashiach soon. The world was created with the power of Unconditional love (as it is coded in the first word of the Torah with בראשית = אבגיתץ = אהבת־חנם, see my articles on Genesis).
In genesis 1 it says "and the spirit of G-d is hovering over the water". Kabbalists explain that it is the spirit of Mashiach. The Torah is Water.
There are 6 special letters at the top of the columns in the Torah scroll. Those letters are “ביה־שמו”, the numerical value equals to “המשיח”, the Mashiach and also equals to “משה־חי”, Moses is alive.

Moshe =345 and he brought the Torah to us from above. His spirit exists in every generation as a live connection to the Light of the Torah.
When we all as one (אחד=13) will be with love (אהבה Ahavah = 13), we will create the connection to Moses, 345. The two forces of Love from below and Moshe from above will create the Mashiach (=358) revelation.

Then as the sages tell us, the old Torah will be voided and a new Torah will come.
Many expect Mashiach to come and heal their ailments of money, health and relationships. This is like the desire to win the lottery. It is selfish. It sounds good, the plans are great but as we know only less than ten percent of the winners enjoy it.

The Talmud teaches us (Tractate Shabbat 31a) about the great Hillel that was asked by a potential convert to teach him the whole Torah while standing on one foot. Hillel replied, "What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That\’s the whole Torah; all the rest is commentary. Go study it!"

It is time to think outside ourselves, we want mashiach because we want to get closer to the Light.  It is time to cleanse our heart with tears of true desire for the Light. It is our real lost love that we want to find again.  We want to break all the selfish desires and express love to each other, unconditionally.

I love you all,

Shabbat Shalom,

Zion Nefesh

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