Lulav- Dial up YHVH

The Ari explains that when God created the world he distant the light from a ‘Middle point’ to create the world of Malchut. Then, a line of light was drawn down from the outer /endless into the middle which formed the seven Sefirot from above to blelow.
The mitzvah of the Lulav on Sukkot puts us back in the middle point. The Lulav represents the original line of light and the six directions connect us to the sphere of light that surrounds us. We can now connect to the flow of the light of Chessed that comes down to the world after Yom Kippur. The Lulav and the Sukkah are our special tools to draw this light into our lives.
The Lulav Shaking meditation is arranged from Siddur Ha’ari as originally edited by Rabbi Asher.
When you see “Sefira of the Day”, replace it with the corresponding sefirah of the day. First day of the Holiday is Chessed then Gevura, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yessod and last day is Malchut.
The first column is the step number in the set toward one direction. The middle column is the meditation when we step forward with the Lulav and the third column is the meditation when we bring back the light and touch the chest (heart) with the Lulav.

We move forward with a small step with the right leg or just by leaning the body toward the direction we are going.
We go back and bring in the light from the outer sphere to the center, Malchut, which is us. DO NOT point the Lulav as a spear toward the direction you are turning. Keep it always in the up direction, even when you in the down direction. Turn your body, mind and consciousness to the right direction before you start the shaking . Shaking in Hebrew means ‘movement’ נענוע so gently shake the Lulav as if you scratch the sphere around you.

Every day we repeat the whole sets five times. The first one is for the blessings of connecting the Lulav, at Keter then for each letter of the YHVH in the aspect of Chokmah, Binah, Zeir Anpin and Malchut.

Here, I selected the most important meditation.
Complete and detailed meditation can be found in Siddur HaAri. A PDF can be downloaded from

The six directions and meditation







5 thoughts on “Lulav- Dial up YHVH”

  1. Hello Zion.
    I read the article about the lulav and the meditation. A couple of questions. Please tell me how to use the meditations, I have not used this diagrams before so not too sure. How do the diagrams work?, why are there 3 lines, does each one represent a column?, and therefore 3 groups of words?. How does one arrive at the diagrams. Perhaps all this questions represent a whole new article.
    Is there any redemption in succot?.
    Hag sameach. Isaac

  2. How to use the meditation.

    After the blessing on using the Lulav (check your prayer book). Hold the Lulav and Etrog together. Keep the printed meditation page in front of you. Face each direction in the order it is printed, South – Chessed first. Scan the top lines to connect to the whole packet of energy. Then make a small step forward with your right leg only, keeping the left as an ancor. Extend your hands forward and shake (gently) the Lulav in upright position slightly tilted to the direction you are facing while scanning the row marked 1. return to original position and bring the Lulav and Etrog back and touch your chest scanning the letter ‘He’ in the leftmost column. Meditate to receive that specific light.
    repeat the same for row 2 and row 3.

    Change to North repeating the same process.

    After East you make upward movement by raising the Lulav up.
    next is the down direction. Keep the Lulav in upright position and lower your body and the Lulav a little bit. The consciousness is reaching the light that available in that direction. No need to touch the ceiling or the floor (This can void the connection). If you are in a crowded synagogue, avoid touching others. If someone is in your way, wait patiently until they give you the space.

    Be happy and joious to make this special connection. It is the light of Chassadim for the whole year.

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