Solar eclipse from last august (observed for 7 min.)

I received a link from a friend to this youtube video.

Every natural event is significant with a message to all of us. Hurricanes Tsunamis and earthquakes are expressions of the divine system.

Recent earthquakes all over the world is a big “Wake up” call to us. The world can change in an instant and the soul must be strong.
Stay connected and read the Zohar daily. Elevate yourself beyond matter.

One thought on “Solar eclipse from last august (observed for 7 min.)”

  1. shalom Zion.
    thank you for the you tube video it was awsome, I don’t know if you noticed but I did, there is an image of the star of david on the eclipse. what a coinidence, if that along with all the earthquakes and all the catastrophies aren’t a message to us all, I don’t know what is.

    blessings and light

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