Special reading/scanning for Purim

The Holiday of Purim is all about removing all negativity from the world.

Haman represents negativity created when the world was at the beginning.

Read or scan the following sections to connect to the seed of the negativity. Meditate to remove and correct this negativity. This is the power of Purim. When we read the Megilah (scroll) of Esther we are able to inject the cleansing power that bestowed on us on this day.

Bereshit 1 (Hasulam #228 in Hebrew and English Zohar)

If you have the Zohar Hasulam (Heb or Eng) then I suggest start reading from paragraph #218

This part is from Tikunei Zohar (Old page #55. Hasulam Tikkun 21 #320)

4 thoughts on “Special reading/scanning for Purim”

  1. There is no accident that Mother is Evereything is the Zohar scan on Purim!
    Amen, Zion Nephesh and, as always, thank you for bringing the Light down daily!

  2. Thanks Zion for helping us enhance our connection to this special time. enjoyed your pictures from the party on Face book. May joy and happiness ignite in the hearts and souls of everyone who visits. Again thank you for your contribution to the world to make that happen!

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